Summer Study

2019 Summer Study – Gospel of Luke
Join in dwelling in God’s Word and prayer!
The Grace Church Council urges you to join us in deepening your praying, listening, and acting on God’s call and direction. When a congregation gathers people in prayer and around God’s Word, Jesus is present and the Holy Spirit is stirring.

To download the overview of the study of Luke click on one
of the following links:
PDF:  2019 Summer Study – overview    Word:  2019 Summer Study – overview

Download the Study Bookmark by clicking on one of the following links:
PDF:  Luke – bookmark   Word:  Luke – bookmark
For studying prayer in Luke download one of the following links:
PDF:  Prayer in Luke – readings     Word:  Prayer in Luke – readings  

There are three ways to join:
• Invite a person, a couple or a family to join you.
• Start or join a small group (choose location, day, time, common interest and number to accommodate) Group information is placed in the Gathering Space – choose and sign up.
• Participate online at  for past years studies.
Keep it simple:
• Commit to only 7 get-togethers:
• All you need is on bookmark: short reading in advance; questions and underlined verses for “Dwelling in the Word;” suggestions for what to pray
• Keep it to 45 minutes: ~10 minutes to check in with each other, twenty minutes for “Dwelling in the Word”, and a minimum of fifteen minutes in prayer.
Gospel of Luke is our guide: This is the gospel reading in worship from June-November.

“Dwelling in the Word”:
Read the underlined verses out loud; reflect in silence for a minute; share what you hear God speaking to you:
• Where did your imagination stop?
• Are there words, phrases, ideas that grasp you?
• How do you think the Spirit might be nudging you?
Be flexible! Attempting this is what is most important.
For more information and guidance
go to
click “Summer Study”

Can people start any time?
YES! Doing is the first priority. The weeks are numbered and not dated.
Do people need to be members of Grace?
NO! Invite and do with those who will help you the most!
Can I do it alone?
YES! Everything you need is on the bookmark. Or use the website. Readings, questions, prayers, added resources and blog for you to respond are at click “summer study”.
May I join a group?
YES! You may form and/or join a group. Each group lasts 5 weeks and then you may continue or join a new group. Groups are posted online and in the Gathering Space. Call the Grace church office (715-453-4066) for guidance
Where do groups meet?
You choose location, day, time, common interests and size of group, e.g. parent group during T-ball time; youth using social media; young adults online and at WindMill; a biking or kayaking group, etc.
Who is this for?
All ages! Middle School, confirmation mentor groups, high schoolers, young adults, men’s groups, women’s groups, mixed ages, several families together. Be clear in forming the group if you want a specific group.
How many sessions/gatherings are there?
Seven-week gatherings: Try one. You choose whether you do another. Form or join a different group. Choose as summer plans/schedule allows.
What if we miss a week?
Trying and regularity is helpful! But DOING is most important. Do it online when you miss. Perhaps form or join a group that meets once and does all the other times on line.
What are the major points of this process?
1. Relationships – having a group to check-in with, share life, and go a little deeper into living is the greatest joy and support!
2. Prayer – when we pray with two or three others Jesus is there!
3. Dwelling in the Word – this is an effective means to develop our skill in hearing and following our Lord.
4. God’s Mission – God is calling more often than we realize. Dwelling in God’s Word, with prayer and with others will lead us to seeing this.