Lekubu, South Africa

Congratulations to the Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa, and prayers and blessings with  Bishop Elect NE Mogorosi!



Bishop Job Ubane was the Treasurer of the Western Diocese in 2006 and enthusiastically welcomed the visit with the Ziemers and Overhaugs to the Lekubu Parish and supported the companionship relationship between our synod and the Western Diocese. 
Let us pray for the Ubane family in this terrible loss and for the Western Diocese and ELCSA in the deep effects this will have on them! May God’s Holy Spirit lead them through this time, in their grief, and into new leadership.

Pictures of Bishop Ubane’s Funeral and the Funeral Program

Bishop MJH Ubane Funeral program (3)

Rev. Kgobane Sesoko

Meet the new pastor,
Rev. Josina Kgobane-Sesoko
at the Lekubu Parish!

Grace may be hosting a visit
from the Lekubu Parish in June 2021.

2018 Visit by Pastor Mark Ziemer and Marie Stark to the Lekubu Parish in South Africa!


Lekubu Visit 2018 pictures and videos 
in Powerpoint – July 7-9

Lekubu July 10 2018 PZ birthday
in Powerpoint

Lekubu creche visit baptism and construction
in Powerpoint – July 11, 2018

Lekubu Radio Station July 12
in Powerpoint

Lekubu Parish visit to Nyetse
in Powerpoint. – July 13, 2018

Introduction: 2018 Synod Trip to Western Diocese
These recommendations have been reviewed and approved by Bishop Mansholt and Bishop Ubane.

Below is an email from African Bishop Ubane
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2017 at 8:56 AM
Subject: 2018 visit dates – July 5-17
I am hereby formally inviting you to come to our Diocese. Communication has already gone to Circuit Deans for preparations. Those dates are fine with us here because it will be school winter holidays which will work well with us. I personally look forward to this visit because it strengthens this companionship. One can attest that there are wonderful memories to this encounter. As I have already said, this Diocese is your home at all times.
Thanks for your continuous prayers
Regards, Bishop MJH Ubane

A Companion Relationship Trip of the East Central Synod of the ELCA to the Western Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (ELCSA) is July 5–17, 2018.
To find out more about this companionship trip click on the following link:


People going on the 2018 Synod Trip to South Africa

Click on the following link for more information about the ECSW relationship with the Western Diocese.

2016 Lekubu Parish Visit
Enjoy a video by Laurel Reinke about the relationship of the Western Diocese and East Central Synod of Wisconsin and the Synod activities planned for a visit on June 26-July 10, 2016 by going to the website updated by Pastor Scott Adams.
Click on the following link


Facebook message received from the Creche in Lekubu, South Africa
December 3, 2015 from Mosagwe Mosa Kgari

KgariGreeting to you all, we did received a letter & cards for the children.  We gave to them as on de 27th of Nov. during Farewell & graduation party.  31 graduated.  They are going to do their Grade R at different schools.  Thanx to all the prayers last year.   It was only 17 now 31. God is good indeed!! We managed to buy a Jojo of 5000 liters since we have a water problem so that we can ask the Department of water affairs to help us & we fenced the surroundings. Our yard is nice & safe for the kids. Thanx!!!


SA creche thankyou Lekubu pavement

Special Offering for June 2015–Lekubu Creche
Creche is the word for Lekubu’s Early Learning Centre. This month’s special offering goes towards improvements on the building, playground, and learning materials and underwriting part of each child’s tuition. Comments from Mosagwe Kgari the Director of the Creche and pictures of those improvements are posted on our Grace FaceBook page. Pictures of the children are on the display in the Gathering Space.
The German Lutheran church built this facility in the 1980s. That support ended in 2007. The South Africa government has begun underwriting the cost for preschools. But Lekubu has refused that support because of the limitations it would impose on their teaching. As a result enrollment had dropped from 80+ children in 2007 to only 43 in 2014. Besides that, the condition of the facilities were deteriorating and some months the staff went upaid.
As a result of your support, enrollment is now at 62 children, the courtyard was repaved, kitchen and office are being tiled, all the walls repainted to be made bright and attractive, and the staff is being paid. Seeing this support and at Bishop Ditlhale’s request (Bishop of the ELCSA-Western Diocese) the ELCA placed a “Young Adult in Global Mission” to work at the Creche.

Sponsoring a Child
You may also sponsor a child in the Creche – first by praying for this child throughout the year and, if you choose, by paying that child’s tuition. Pictures with biographical information and forms for sponsoring are on the display in the Gathering Space and also available during June at the Outdoor Service.
You choose the amount to pay in the name of your child. Tuition for an entire year is $150! This includes childcare, learning activities, lunch, snacks, and all supplies for children six months to five years of age for eight hours a day, five days a week. The amount you pay will underwrite the cost for all children, but it will indeed make it possible for the child you choose.
Grace also encourages you to write letters to the child you sponsor. Letters are boxed and sent quarterly. Letters serve to deepen our connection with them and their understanding of us. A general letter about Grace and life in Tomahawk is written to all children whose sponsor does not write a letter.

Grace’s Companion Synod Trip to Western Diocese in 2013:
Members from Grace Lutheran Church in Tomahawk, Wisconsin spent 3 weeks in South Africa to visit our companion churches in the Lekubu Parish.  The following are some of the pictures from the Villages of Lekubu and Nyetse.  We were honored to be invited to a wedding, a baptism and a mission festival at the Lekubu Church with Pastor Jack Mogale and his congregations.  The youth enjoyed games and time spent with the Lekubu parish youth.  The men worked together to paint the Lekubu parsonage.  The still pictures under the slide shows are the same pictures for those who wish to view a picture in a more leisurely way.

At Lekubu Church

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At Nyetse

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Activities at Lekubu and Nyetse

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Please check again soon as more pictures will be posted.