Covid-19 Dashboard

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Covid-19 Dashboard
Updated July 05, 2021

State Vaccination Status: 47.6%  Lincoln county: 43.2% Oneida County: 52.7%
(As of 7/05/2021 percentage of Wisconsin residents that have completed their vaccine series)

6/15/20217.0No ChangeLow
6/22/20217.0No ChangeLow
6/29/20213.5No ChangeLow
7/05/20217.0No ChangeLow

CURRENT GLC STATUS: PHASE 2. 1 full week in toward moving to Phase 3

Understanding the Grace Lutheran Church Covid-19 Update: 

Date: The date the data listed was collected by the Department of Health for Lincoln County. 

Burden #: Number of positive Covid-19 cases reported for the week in Lincoln County as represented by 100,000 people. 

Trajectory: How the burden is changing over a 2 week period for phase 1 and 2 “Plan to Gather” plan. How the burden is changing over a 4 week period for phase 3 “Plan to Gather” plan.  The trajectory is either listed as “Increasing”, “No Change”, or “Shrinking”. 

Burden Level: Listed as- “Low”, “Moderate”, “Moderately High”, “High”, “Very High”, or “Critically High” based on the current burden #.

Low: Burden number is less than 10 
Moderate: Burden number is greater than 10 but less than 50 
Moderately High: Burden number is greater than 50 but less than 100
High: Burden number is greater than 100
Very High:  Burden number is greater than 350.
Critically High: Burden number is greater than 1,000

Current GLC Status: The “Plan to Gather” phase Grace Lutheran Church is currently in. 
This is based on the Burden Level AND Trajectory.

Understanding the Phases of Grace Lutheran’s Plan to Gather:

PHASE ONE: We are in “Phase One” when the following occurs.

  1. Current Burden Level is “High”, “Very High”, or “Critically High”.
  2. County or State governments declare a state of emergency or stay at home recommendation.
  3. IF IN PHASE TWO: an increase in Burden Level or Trajectory resulting in “Moderately High” or Higher Activity Level for two consecutive weeks. 

PHASE TWO: We are in “Phase Two” when the following occurs.

  1. Four consecutive weeks of the Burden Level being “Low” or “Moderate”.
  2. Four consecutive weeks of “Shrinking” or “No Change” in trajectory.

PHASE THREE: We are in “Phase Three” when the following occurs.

  1. We are in Phase Two for four consecutive weeks.
  2. The Burden Level is “Moderate” or “Low” for an additional four consecutive weeks after being in Phase Two.
  3. There is a “Shrinking” trend or “No Change” in trajectory for an additional four consecutive weeks after being in Phase Two.
  4. State Covid-19 vaccination rate reaches at least 50%.


As the name suggests, the “Plan to Gather” is a plan to help guide our actions to safely continue our mission and ministries of worship, learning, witness and service during the Covid-19 pandemic. Overall, we have one uncompromising objective: we will prioritize love and care for members and our neighbors as part of the human community. With information from the Wisconsin Council of Churches, input from religious leaders, local church pastors, our insurance company, public health and emergency management offices, our pastors, the Church Council and our own Plan to Gather Task Force, the “Plan to Gather” document was developed.

Morally, ethically, and as people of faith we will use caution and safe measures to reduce the risks that physical gatherings may cause, specifically to the exposure of COVID-19 and the capacity churches have to be proactive partners in public health.

Grace’s mission “Praising God, Serving Others, Building Friendships” challenges us to reasonable and safe gatherings in our sanctuary before phase three. Because of our size, demographics, and our mission, the challenge to gather in the sanctuary for worship, with less than 50 people would exclude visitors and members, especially the vulnerable members of our community.  We therefore are continuing to look for the safest means possible, for all of us, to return to community worship “in person” in the sanctuary.  Grace also has the unique circumstance of not having a full-time lead pastor, and has been able to continue to worship with the amazing help of our three supply pastors since August 2020.  We will continue to provide safe options for our members, volunteers, and community to the best of our ability until we are able to call a new full-time pastor. 

           “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” – Romans 12:12