As part of the process of calling a new pastor,
our Synod helps guide us through the creation
of a Ministry Site Profile.
Your input is wanted and needed!
Please answer questions the best you can.
(There will also be time during church services
to write an answer each week.)

This week’s Question #4
What are we doing as a congregation to share the good news of Jesus with our neighbors and those in need?
(Any suggestions?)
Next week’s question #5
What do you like about our town?
How would you describe our community?

             If you have additional thoughts or questions, please email them to 
This is an ongoing process and there will be several opportunities to share your opinions, hopes, and concerns in the weeks ahead.

Past Questions
Question #1

What do you like about our congregation?
 Question #2 
What one thing would you like to see improved in our congregation?
Question #3
In what ways do you connect with God through worship?
(Any praise or suggestions?)

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