2016 Summer Study

Join in dwelling in God’s Word and prayer!

For the study readings and guide please click on this picture

For the study readings and guide please click on this picture

This is a means to deepen your prayer life, listening and hearing God’s leading, and acting on God’s call and direction with the support of others. The Grace Church Council invites you to join this summer in reading and reflecting on a chapter a week. Then share your reflections with one to four others and spend time with them in prayer. There is a question of the week to guide your reflections and conversations.

Please consider joining so that together we may listen and be about God’s mission:
There are three steps to this process:
1.  Form a group
*Invite one or two people to join you in this reading, reflection, and prayer. Preferably choose people outside of your family.
Restart your group from last year and invite one or two additional people to join you.
Call the church office or put the bottom part of the insert from the bulletin  in the offering or hand in to the office to indicate that you want to be invited into a group.
2.  Meet each week for 45 minutes to reflect on the reading and to
3. It is also helpful to record your reflections and report prayer concerns. This will provide background for the event in fall and petitions for Sunday prayers.

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