Sunday Mornings at Grace
Pick up a copy of the book (in the Gathering Space) – suggested donation of $10/book. Join others in the Youth Room (with coffee & donuts), Sunday mornings at 9:40- 10:40.  Includes DVD presentation by Dr. Bass and discussion guide in the book.

Dr Bass book2Five Realities of Spiritual Life Today
March 9     Session l:  Waking Up
March 16   Session 2:  Believing
March 23   Session 3:  Behaving
March 30  Session 4:  Belonging
April 6       Session 5:  Awaking
Each Session:
1.  Before the session questions
2.  10-15 DVD presentation by Dr. Bass
3.  Several options for group discussion
4.  Option for personal reflection after the session

Is the church declining?

Will our grandchildren have faith?

How do we connect people to Jesus?

Can one be spiritual but not religious?

Is faith no longer relevant or necessary?

Dr. Diana Butler Bass leads a fascinating discussion of how, both culturally and spiritually, we are in the midst of another of history’s “great awakenings.”

The way people come to faith may be different and the church’s invitation and guidance needs to VERY different, but the Good News of Jesus Christ, faith, and the church are very much alive and relevant and people today may be even more open and eager.

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