Wisconsin River Valley Conference Annual Meeting

Wisconsin River Valley Conference Annual Meeting
Saturday, February 8, 2014 at 10:00 am at Mt. Calvary, Rothschild
All are welcome! According to the Conference Constitution, the “voting members shall be those Conference congregational members in attendance at the conference Assembly.” This February 8 meeting will nominate three people for bishop. This is important in that their biographical information will be included in the Synod Assembly printout prior to the May 16-17 Synod Assembly at which our synod will elect a new bishop.
Meet at 9:00 am at Grace Church if you wish to car pool.

Schedule for our time together on February 8, 2014
9:45   am – Registration and fellowship gathering
10:15 am – Morning Prayer Worship (We have requested that Interim
Bishop Gerald Mansholt who has accepted a call as Interim Bishop
of the East Central Synod of Wisconsin preach at the service).
11:00 am – Conference Meeting
* Agenda items include:
* Approval of the Minutes of the 2013 Conference Assembly
* Report on 2013 Budget Income and Disbursements
* Discussion on and approval of the 2014 Proposed Budget
* Election of conference leaders (Dean, Vice-president, Secretary-Treasurer) and 2015 Synod Nominating Committee
* Old Business, New Business and Announcements
* Discussion on the Election of Bishop for the East Central Synod

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