Kindergarten Milestone

Dear Parents,
Kindergarten is a major change for both children and parents. This is the first time they will be attending school all day long and every school day. Grace has an important milestone for those “entering kindergarten” that will emphasize ways that can deepen your bond between parent and child, build your child’s trust and reliance on God, and establish effective daily communication and sharing.
Kindergarten Milestone, September 16, 2012 – A special gathering of only Kindergarten & parents during Sunday School time, (between services).
Going to school carries with it the challenges, anxieties, hopes, and opportunities that fill the lives of children and parents with many diverse emotions and wonderments. What a great time to acknowledge our dependence upon God and God’s goodness!
We invite you to bring your child to this very valuable milestone.  Faye Witulski and Pastor Rebecca will be leading this event in the meeting room (front of old sanctuary).  Your child will be excused from the regular Sunday School classes to join you for this milestone.

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